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Winter navigation

Traffic restrictions are imposed to improve the safety and efficiency of winter navigation. Icebreaker assistance will only be given to vessels, which meet the requirements set out in the traffic restrictions.

Icebreaker Atle assists a vessel.
Icebreaker Atle assists a vessel.

Latest update:

May 30th 2024, 13:55 LT

Present & announced restrictions

The aim with implementing traffic restrictions is to increase the safety and efficiency of maritime traffic during winter. Only vessels that fulfill the traffic restrictions can receive icebreaker assistance.

Present and announced restrictions 

Additional winter traffic information

The icebreaker activity

Ale: Moored in Åmål
Atle: Shipyard in Landskrona
Frej: Moored in Luleå
Oden: Moored in Helsingborg
Ymer: Moored in Luleå

Baltica: Fairway work
Fairway work


Reporting instructions for ships bound for ports with traffic restrictions.

Baltic Icebreaking Management

Information about the Swedish, Finnish and Estonian icebreaking, icechart, icebreaker activities, dirways, etc.


Regulations and guidance for winter navigation

The publication Winter Navigation 2023-2024 summerizes  regulations, guidance and contact information for winter navigation to and from Sweden.

Winter navigation 2023-24 (PDF)


Exempts can be granted if there is available ice breaking capacity, or if there is temporary ease in the weather and ice conditions. Please see the Winter navigation publication ch. 2.3 for more information.

Applications for exempts are made by sending the completed form to opc@sjofartsverket.se, no earlier than 10 days before arrival. Incorrectly completed forms will be returned to sender.

Application form

Contact information 

The icebreaker management can be reached on +46 (0)771-63 25 25.

For urgent matters on-call duty outside normal workinghours.

Email: opc@sjofartsverket.se

Last updated 2024-01-11